Hi there, I’m Eileen (i.leen). At this point in my life I can finally find humor in the various misspellings and mispronunciations of my name. Actually, I’ve learned how to find humor and peace in many things. I would probably have to credit that to my other career path (mental health counselor/art therapist) and my husband (most relaxed/chill-to-a-fault-somtimes, person on the planet). I think this is one of the reasons that my clients have hired me to capture their special moments. I’ve been told that I have a calming & relaxed presence in the midst of (a little) chaos. 

I feel like this has been a huge gift as my family started growing. I now have a little guy named Web. He’s the absolute best (but sometimes the biggest turd). I love him to pieces! It was after his birth that I really recognized how important it was to preserve all these moments in life. It's always said that this will go by so quickly, well… that's true. Time, you could slow down any day now, thanks!

Speaking of time, why on earth did God decide that dogs would live for such a short amount of time??? What a cruel joke. (If you didn’t know this about me, I am obsessed with animals). I get it honestly; my mom and I were recently talking about the awesome animal shows they have on Disney+. Totally geeking out about them. So, that being said, if you want to include animals in your session I will jump for joy! 

an Indianapolis, INdiana
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I love traveling and being outdoors. Hiking, camping, skiing, exploring…. Also, I’m a cold weather gal.  Before Web was born, my husband and I had a Southwest Companion Pass (let me tell you, that thing was awesome), well, we used it to get around the country. Some of my favorite places stateside have been: San Francisco/Yosemite, Maine/Acadia, New Hampshire, Colorado, Grand Canyon, Austin..... I could go on for a while. I also grew up traveling with my parents and two sisters. Favorites requiring planes: St. Croix, Scotland, and Ireland. My dream is to get to Italy. 


My top 3 go-to shows are New Girl, Friends and Jane the Virgin. I think I just love to laugh, and also witness awkward situations from the safety of my couch. I HATE scary movies. I'm a Rom-Com gal for life. Favorite movies: You've Got Mail, Princess Bride, Definitely, Maybe, and Age of Adeline. Also, any of the Avengers movies (BEST character is Tony Stark, if you disagree, well, just don't bring it up during our photo session).  But.... the BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER. 


I subscribe to a positive/gentle parenting lifestyle (let kids be kids, but with safe boundaries. And love them endlessly!) Probably stems from my background as a therapist, but I believe that feelings are IMPORTANT. There, I said it. If you believe that feelings are bogus, probably don't work with me : ) 
Favorite parenting resources: Ahaparening.com, Big Little Feelings , How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and on Instagram: @themompsychologist, @biglittlefeelings and @thegentlemamma 


if you didn’t catch this in the beginning, I'm also a mental health counselor/art therapist. (No, I will not turn your photography session into a therapy session).
I studied Fine Art in undergrad, and then during grad school my husband encouraged me to pursue my dream of also having a photography business. Best. Decision. Ever. 
I love my job as a therapist, but I needed the balance of extra creativity from photography. Advice to all of you: Follow your dreams. (In a totally non-cliche way)



my favourite

Yosemite, CA

Galway, Ireland

Tunnel View, Yosemite

Acadia, Maine

Connemara Park, Ireland

a photo allows us to
glance backward

a photo allows us to glance backward