Your life is
full of moments,
My job is to
capture them.

Your life is full of moments, 
My job to capture them.

5x Harry Potter Reader

lover of all Animals

Momma & Wife

based in Indianapolis, IN


One of my favorite things to do when I visit my parents is to pull out old photo albums (you know the ones) and enter back into that moment. I love taking trips down memory lane: playing dress-up with my sisters, trying on my dads oversized shoes, sitting with my grandparents at the holidays, cuddling with our new puppy... so yes, I love photographs.
That's why I do what I do. 

Why photography?

i'm Eileen

Oh Hey!


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"Honestly, I don't have enough wonderful things to say about Eileen. She made our day absolutely perfect. We are
over-the-moon with our engagement and wedding photos.
Her sweet, calm demeanor eased our nerves and made our day more relaxed and efficient. "


"We are not the most coordinated and photogenic couple, but Eileen made us look that way! She guided us through different poses, scouted out different spots (in Austin, TX no doubt) and took awesome engagement shot for us. She's a great person and great behind the lens"


"I couldn't be more impressed with Eileen! We didn't know how to pick favorites. We seriously loved them and kept saying how perfectly she captured our family. Eileen did a family lifestyle photo session and came into our home and truly jumped right in! She is fabulous with kids AND dogs. Truthfully, we will be using her as our photographer from here on out. I've never felt more "at peace" with a photographer than her."